PCB and TCA bring international cricket back to Pakistan

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PCB has announced that they are all set to invite the anti-national cricket team of Afghanistan for a home series in Pakistan.
PCB chairman confirmed the report when he spoke to media after a conference call.

"We have just finalized the tour with Taliban Cricket Association and we are very glad to announce that the tour is confirmed
and will start from May 10." The chairman said.

Our sources from Taliban has also confirmed this historical tour as an atempt to revive international cricket in Pakistan.
The series will consist of two T20s and in case of a draw there will be a last man standing headshot match.

Dave Whatmore has said that the preparation for the match has been cancelled and all players have been directed to practice their head shots with AK47. Retired batsmen and left off wicket-keepers have been kidnapped by Taliban to hold practice sessions.

Moreover, Taliban have endorsed the return of international cricket in Pakistan and have assured that no security concerns should exist. The representative of Taliban said," We come and play here, who say Pakistan not safe? We come , play, no police arrest us or kill us, so safe, safer than Afghanistan!"

Pakistani interior minister, Rehman Malik, has assured presidential protocol to the team coming to Pakistan. He said,"
I can assure complete  protection to the team, they are our guests and will be treated likewise. Unless they are sucide bombers, none can harm them."

The series will be sponsored by Russian mafia, Indian bookers and ISI. Taliban dedicated this series to Osama bin Laden and have announced all the revenue generated from the matches will be spent on the warrior's cause."

Public reaction...

A student in Karachi said," We thought Taliban were our enemies and Bangladesh our friends, ironically, we have got better
enemies than friends!"

An optimistic banker said,"With so much evil involved i do not think anything can go wrong! What else can go wrong?"

Haroon Logart said, " Are you kidding me?"


[Note: This was a work of fiction. Any resemblance to living, dead or Taliban is completely co-incidental. I am neither the student nor the banker, and I am certainly not in custody of Taliban and their sword's edge is so not on my neck while I write this disclaimer...]

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