It’s not war, it’s just a game

It’s not war, it’s just a game

 Let the musuc at Mohali be the music of Bhaangra and not the drum beats for a war

As the subcontinent dances with the music of cricket, the drums of war are being beaten at Mohali. Two of cricket’s favorite children, India and Pakistan, will come face to face again in a World Cup match. Politics has let to halt the ties between these two neighbors but through cricket the two neighbors meet again on the greatest stage.  Pakistan was almost banned from touring India after 2008 Mumbai attack. The political blame game set up unrest between the two countries and cricket again was affected badly. The result was that the world missed romance, thrill, excitement and drama. And I tell you it was a great, great miss. But Mohali is supposed to erase all those woos and awas of missing an Indo-Pak clash. 

The green track of Punjab is to host the epic semifinal clash between the two most exciting teams of world cricket. To many cricket fans it’s a war, to the Pakistani fans it’s a match of revenge as they think that the BCCI and Indian under ground agents have been the criminal in causing all the chaos in Pakistan and its cricket, while India thinks Pakistan as the culprit in creating a zone of terrorism surrounding them.

But are the cricketers guilty for it? What has a Tendulkar or Afridi to do with it? Above all, sports are born in this world only to spread peace and friendship. Sports unites hearts, sports preaches the spirit of love and kindness. Why involve politics in it? Are the players motivated by the hate which both the fans from India and Pakistan are harboring?

Speak to the players and they are close to the supposed enemy than to any others in international cricket, much like it is for millions of Indians and Pakistani who live abroad. They have much more in common with each other with the English or Americans or South Africans whose country they share. Some of the fondest memories that Pakistani cricketers have are of the times that they have toured India and of the love and affection of the Indian teams. The same goes with the Indian team. If the Kolkata crowd was stupid in 1999 the Chennai crowd’s standing ovation was to make us speechless. India’s outstanding success in 2004 earned enough praises and they were showered with love where ever they went. There were mini battles of words on the field but they ebbed away with the wind of love and affection.

The longer the fans bang the drums of war, the longer they will demonize each other. The sooner they dance together, the more the trust and spirit will grow. Just let the game go in its own way and let us sit back and enjoy the epics on the cricket canvas. If Pakistan wins on the green canvas of Mohali let them be applauded with the true spirit of cricket and if India loses let their fans not get wild on the men in blue and vice versa. Put together the players desire for a game and the fans’ desperation for a spectacle and you have a contest which is very, very important for the health of international cricket, important for the unrest between the two neighbors.

An India-Pakistan match is not war. It’s a game which just scripts epics and thrillers. It’s a way to unite the two beloved children of world cricket, a way to unite two nations who have the history of war and much other confusion. Let Pakistan convey the message of love in India and let India hug their brother with love and affection. Let peace prevail in India and Pakistan through cricket. Let the fans be not intoxicated by doubts and rumors.


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